Service Logics - Delta Airlines is getting rich with Cancellation fees

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I had to cancel one leg of a trip, no you can not do have to cancel and re book a one way.original trip was $494.00 for a 1.4 hour trip.

to cancel and re-book was an additional $360.00 making my one way flight over $800.00...for a seat I already paid for. I cancelled the whole flight and re-booked on another airline for $166.00...I had to call back to get my credit of $160.00, they charged me $361.00 to cancel my flight....there should be some laws about this..they made more off of me cancelling that another airline would make having me as a passenger! And I am a sky miles account with a credit card from Delta.

I think the media should ask how much revenue does delta make on change fees?

Heck with baggage fees....lets talk cancellation/change feels.This is the worst policy in the airline industry....I will not use this airline unless I absolutely have to...I will be changing my Credit Card to another airline as well.

There are choices...why doesn't delta get it!!



Aren't you glad the government de-regulated the airlines years ago??

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